Skills + Experience + Interesting subject matter = A career that’s more pleasure than work

I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine an English degree and my publishing experience with interests in fitness, health, and animals—especially horses—in a variety of staff and freelance writing and editing positions and projects. A condensed resume:

I’ve written or edited articles and books about a wide range of subjects: business topics (human resource development, management, team building, profiles of captains of industry), health and fitness topics (dealing with arthritis, combating depression, getting started with Pilates), and practically everything equine—from grooming and soundness problems to training and the Olympic equestrian events. (Happy discovery: Interviewing veterinarians and writing equine-health stories is just like interviewing doctors and writing consumer medical articles.)

When it comes to horses, riding, and fitness, I’ve learned a lot on the hoof, so to speak. I’ve been a horse owner for (hard to believe!) 25 years, and I’ve been riding for even longer than that.

All this riding—first hunter seat, then eventing, and now my lasting passion, dressage—has taught me that, unfortunately, riding isn’t enough to get you fit for riding. Enter the world of fitness training: strength, flexibility, aerobic. I do ‘em all.

The world of equine publishing is modest but thriving. My career owes a lot to its industry trade group, American Horse Publications. I’ve been a board member for several years now, and it’s rewarding to have the opportunity to give something back. AHP offers fantastic educational seminars and has a terrific student-award program as well. If you’re curious about a career in equine publishing, don’t miss what AHP has to offer.

I share my home in Pennsylvania with my husband, Michael. Over the years a succession of cats and dogs has lived with us. The current menagerie includes two retired racing Greyhounds adopted through Greyhound Friends of New Jersey. Michael and I have both become enthusiastic Greyhound-adoption advocates, and the subject of retired racers is another that I enjoy writing about.

Home page photo and greyhound photo on "About" page by Amy Katherine Dragoo; riding photo on "About" page by Susan J. Stickle.