Olympic Equestrian: A Century of International Horse Sport

June 2008

At times thrilling and at others controversial, the equestrian disciplines of eventing, jumping, and dressage have been a part of the Olympic Games since the modern Games' inception in 1912. Go behind the scenes for a look at the competitions through the eyes of the riders, coaches, and judges who made history. Remarkable horse-rider partnerships and achievements are spotlighted. Lavishly illustrated with archival and modern photographs. Contains complete medal results and scores, including records for every US Olympic equestrian.

The USDF Guide to Dressage

April 2006

Hot off the press! The USDF Guide to Dressage is the only book on dressage riding and training to be endorsed by the United States Dressage Federation.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the sport, The USDF Guide to Dressage leads riders through the training scale, from pre-Introductory to Second Level. The book features many full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow photographic sequences, demonstrated by respected riders, competitors, and USDF-certified dressage instructors.

Want to try dressage with the horse you have? If you can walk, trot, and canter safely, you can enjoy the rewards of dressage training, whatever your primary equestrian discipline. Whether you’ve been in the saddle for years or are just taking up or renewing riding, you’ll find The USDF Guide to Dressage key to building a more satisfying relationship with your horse.

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"Occasionally there are books that cross my desk that are so stunning and exciting that everything else is put aside because I'm compelled to read the one that just arrived. The USDF Guide to Dressage by Jennifer O. Bryant is one of those 'must-read' books.

Dressage is a French word for training. The USDF Guide to Dressage is the official guide of the United States Dressage Federation and is a 352-page, in-depth and comprehensive manual of all things dressage. It is must-have book for anyone who participates in or is interested in dressage.

The book explains the history, the required attire, tack and equipment, training, competition, selection of an instructor, physical training and so much more. The vast amount of information is accompanied by photographs and diagrams for the visual learner.

I loved learning about the history of dressage and who judges the events. But, as someone who doesn't know much about dressage, the section on competitions really drew my interest.

I would suggest that this book is the 'bible' of dressage. It is not a loaner because it will never be returned.

Armchair Interviews says: If you're interested in or participate in Dressage, The USDF Guide to Dressage is required reading. It will not only contribute to your education but will provide continual enjoyment."

A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body & Spirit

June 2003

Co-authored with international dressage competitor, trainer, and clinician Betsy Steiner. Betsy’s unique approach to training emphasizes not only the horse’s actions but his intellectual and psychological development and that of the rider.

Betsy is well-known for her devotion to physical fitness, and for the first time in an equestrian text A Gymnastic Riding System presents a Pilates-based program for riders.

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Olympic Equestrian

May 2000

Released just before the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Olympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney is a comprehensive look at the history and development of the three modern Olympic equestrian disciplines (jumping, eventing, and dressage). Through extensive research and personal interviews with Olympic medalists, coaches, and officials, the stories behind the medals come to life, with special emphasis on outstanding horses and riders from around the world.

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Competitors’ in-the-Ring Rescue Guide

June 2006

Show long enough, and the unexpected is bound to happen to you. From the mundane (you ride off course) to the once-in-a-blue-moon (a twister bears down on the showgrounds), it’s wise to steel yourself for whatever show nerves, technology, or Mother Nature dishes out.

Tack n' Togs

The Dirt on Shampoo

June 2005

Are fancy packaging, perfumes, and prices worth the cost? Straightforward reporting on equine shampoos, written for the leading U.S. equine-industry trade magazine.

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Filling Your Empty Nest

August 2003

Coupled with the career and lifestyle changes that military families face as service careers draw to a close, the prospect of the empty nest warrants some preparation and planning. Here are a few tips that can help ease the transition.

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Get the Upper Hand

May 2003

Arthritis doesn’t have to stop you. Leading medical authorities discuss the latest in prevention and treatment.

Paint Horse Journal

What to Do, What Not to Do

February 2003

Your horse comes in from the pasture with a bleeding leg. Do you know what to do? Expert first-aid advice for common equine emergencies.

Paint Horse Journal

Hit the Trail

January 2003

Looking for a greater challenge than your usual pleasure rides? Try the fast-growing sports of endurance and competitive trail riding.

The Retired Officer

Combat the Blues

November 2000

If you’ve been feeling down since forever (or so it feels), you may be suffering from clinical depression. Fortunately, help is available. Leading experts explain diagnosis and treatment options.

New Jersey Savvy Living

Saddle Up

August 1999

Learn to ride in the Garden State. A beginner’s guide to finding a reputable NJ riding stable, plus some tips on keeping you safe in and out of the saddle.

Horse and Rider

Have a Safe Trip

August 1999

You know you should wear a helmet when you ride (don’t you?). Here’s why — plus fitting tips and a complete guide to safety-oriented equipment and apparel for riders.

The Retired Officer

Follow Your Heart

July 1999

Meet a group of retired military officers who found success and fulfillment in a surprising choice of second careers.

Stable Management

Help Wanted

June 1999

Top equine employers share secrets on how they attract and retain quality workers.

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On the Move

May 1999

Regular relocation is a fact of life for military families. Seasoned movers (and their spouses) offer tips to ease the process.