What Can I Do for You?

Quite a bit, actually. A sampling:

If you’re a magazine editor, I will:

  • Deliver bright, clean, accurate, on-time copy that won’t require hacking with a machete to fit your word count.
  • Work with you to formulate a fresh approach that’s appropriate for your audience.
  • Think like an editor. An editor myself, I know that compelling heads, strong decks, and lots of juicy entry points make for a story that gets read and not skipped.
  • Ask questions. If the submitted story disappoints because the writer didn’t understand what the editor was after, nobody’s happy. I’ll do my best up front to make sure my story fits your mag like a glove.
  • Respond to your questions promptly.

If you’re a book-publishing professional, I will:

  • Give that important manuscript a thorough edit: copy, content, developmental, or all three. I’ve worked with authors and subject-matter experts of all sorts, and I know how to fine-tune a manuscript while preserving the author’s unique voice.
  • Develop a book that we can both be proud of. My goal: a carefully crafted title that fills a market niche and earns a comfy spot on your backlist. (Latest production: The USDF Guide to Dressage.)
  • Work with your subject-matter expert as co-author or ghostwriter. Example: my book with international dressage rider Betsy Steiner, A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body & Spirit.
  • Give you a market-savvy opinion. Need a proposal critiqued? I’ve read submissions for clients including Howell Book House and Eclipse Press.
  • Do acquisitions work (or legwork) on a per-project basis.

If you’re a fledgling book or magazine writer, I will:

  • Help you get that rough draft into publishable form.
  • Consult and advise on proposal development and submission procedures.
  • Create a professional book proposal that you can submit to agents and publishers.

If you’re a member of the media, I will:

  • Speak on the following topics: how to get started in a writing, editing, publishing, or freelance-writing career; horses and horse care; the equestrian market and lifestyle; and equestrian sports — especially English riding and the Olympic equestrian events.

Want to know more? Contact me.